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About Us.

SEAR274 is excellence driven and committed to maintaining a high standard, achieved and executed through the use of exclusive traditional in house made sauces and seasonings, innovative cooking techniques, the use of locally sourced quality ingredients and qualified, talented and professional staff.

Serving best sweet and savoury dishes since 2008


S. Sweet/Savoury

E. Eats

A. Authentically

R. Revised

Chef Trevanne Donegal is the Executive Chef at S.E.A.R 274, a Kingston based catering company that strives to deliver an impeccable dining experience that exceeds customer expectations.

S.E.A.R 274 is capable of bringing your most unique sweet and savoury dreams to life and is a real one stop shop for all things culinary when event hosting.

Chef Trevanne’s cooking style is one of simple sophistication, executed with innovation and a fusion of flavour profiles. S.E.A.R 274 offers consultation services to enable customers to
customize and develop their menus to suit their individual needs.
S.E.A.R 274 has successfully executed cuisine and patisserie services for intimate dinners and
private events and dessert stations for large weddings.

A few words about the chef

Serving best Savoury dishes since 2008

Cuisine & Patisserie
Le Cordon Bleu, London
Johnson & Wales University, Miami

Chef Trevanne Donegal has an academic background in Culinary Arts and Business Management with over 5 years of practical experience in various management positions. Trained, certified and skilled in both patisserie and cuisine the S.E.A.R 274 team creates all dishes in house .

Our Core Values

SEAR274 thrives on “making the everyday extraordinary, the simple sophisticated, the usual unique and the regular remarkable”. SEAR 274 diligently pursues a lucid vision of being the premier catering service in Jamaica and ultimately the Caribbean.

Executed with the mission of using fresh, Jamaican local, sustainable, quality products prepared with the highest level of food safety and delivered with pride and professionalism. Core values built on the promotion of brand Jamaica and the authenticity of the Jamaican dining experience of international standard. Whilst conducting all business with the utmost integrity, ethics and social responsibility.

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